Newsletter 22.10.2021

Newsletter 22.10.2021

October Harvest Challenge 

Thank you for supporting our students with their October challenge. We have collected over seventy coats which will be donated to refugees and homelessness charities. We also have a chapel full of donations for the Foodbank to support those in need in our local area.
Once we have collected our last cash donations, we will be able to order our World Gifts to support people across the world. I know that some of the forms have had great ideas for raffles and sales. Thanks to them for their enthusiasm and initiative.  If you would like to get involved in this project as a family here is the link : 
Please do have a good half-term and we look forward to seeing everyone again on 1st November. 

Learn to Learn sessions

We are always looking to find ways in which we can develop our teaching and learning and the same is true with regards to developing our learners. During this term and some of next term Mr Wycherley has been delivering Learning to Learn sessions to the students.

These have focussed on some key ways in which the memory can be improved and strategies to help retrain information into the long term memory. He has shared some simple hacks and strategies that students can use to help them when it comes to recall for quizzes and exams.

These have been devised around particular needs of the year group and have included techniques such as:

Flash cards, Loci Method, Dual Coding, Visual Organisers, the Pomodoro technique, the Cornell System of note taking, useful Apps to help concentrate and improve memory.


Year 13- November 10th
Year 12- November 17th
Year 11- September 22nd
Year 10- October 7th
Year 9- October 1st
Year 8- November 5th
Year 7- October 21st

The Bookmark shows some simple strategies that students can use to help their memory and retention of material. If you are stuck for ideas, this might be helpful!

The SIMS Parent App – easy access to update personal information

The school will be using the SIMS Parent App for Parents and Carers to access key information such as attendance and reports.

We are asking parents to download the app and check and amend details.

Please click here for full information and click here for instructions.

Sixth Form Character Day

Students and staff across the Sixth Form once again have come together as a Sixth Form community to raise money for the Make a Wish Foundation as part of their annual Character Day. They all looked amazing and brightened up everyone’s last day before half term.

Teaching and Learning 

Literacy Focus:

We recognise that there will be parents within our school community who want to support their child’s learning even more effectively at home.

The most effective way to ensure student achievement across all subject disciplines is to develop solid, life-long literacy skills, including:


✔  Reading for pleasure
✔  Reading proficiency and fluency
✔  Writing proficiency and accuracy
✔  Vocabulary knowledge


Literacy top tip #1: Capital Letters:

We are encouraging students to ensure they use capital letters correctly as part of their writing for accuracy and fluency. Please ask them to check their homework for capital letters before they hand it in.

Writing Club – Year 9

Cleaner Vacancy

We are looking to add another cleaner to our lovely, hardworking team.
10 hours/week before or after school.

Please click here for further details

Blood Donations

We have been asked by the NHS to highlight the need for blood donations.

Sessions are available locally at Weaverham Community Centre, Russet Road, Weaverham Northwich, CW8 3HY
Tuesday 26th October,
Tuesday 2nd November
Monday 8th November
Book an appointment or register to give blood at or call 0300 123 23 23

Girls’ After School Sports
After half term for girls’ PE co-curricular,  we will have the following practices:
Tuesday 2nd – Football (all years)
Wednesday 3rd- Hockey (all years)
Thursday 4th- Netball (all years)
Upcoming Dates

Half term starts after period 5 – Friday 22 October – return Monday 1st November

Covid-19 Vaccinations in school – Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd November

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Evening Virtual  –  Monday 1st November 2021  (6.00 – 7.00pm) 

Year 11 Mock Exams commence  –  Monday 8th November 2021 

PTFA Meeting  – Tuesday 9th November 2021  (6.15 – 7.15pm) 

Year 7 SEN Information Evening  –  Wednesday 10th November 2021 (4.00 – 5.15pm) 

For future dates click here