Life in the 6th Form

Sixth Form

Life in the 6th Form

6th form life includes many things beyond lessons. This page outlines some of the activities undertaken by 6th form students as well as the facilities available to aid post-16 study.

6th Form Common Room

The common room is provided as a social area for use by the 6th form during break and lunch as well as a study area for the rest of the day. There are two banks of computers in the common room, supplemented by two separate study rooms with computers in each.


The school library is an important resource for 6th formers: books are stocked for each subject to aid independent A Level study and during lesson time, the library is often available as an alternative study area. The library staff are always on hand to provide help and advice with sourcing materials and the new bank of laptops allow students to complete work on the computer if necessary.

Form Groups

Form tutors are a key strength of the Sixth Form. Ofsted commented that: “relationships between students are very positive” and that “the form tutors programme is outstanding and contributes significantly to students’ personal development”. Form tutors are always on hand to give advice or support, providing curricular and career advice, regular tracking and monitoring interviews on academic progress, support and guidance through the UCAS process and personal support on a daily basis. Form Tutors are supported closely by Mr T Bradley (Director of Sixth Form) to ensure that not only do all of our students feel supported and challenged, but to ensure best outcomes and progression for the next steps in their lives.