At St Nicholas we view assessment as an integral part of the teaching and learning process. The main aim of assessment is to help all students become better learners and increase their confidence, motivation and independence in the learning process, whilst upholding high expectations of every student regardless of their ability. We want to promote excellence from every student whatever their starting point. We also recognise the importance of ensuring that students themselves are increasingly aware and responsible for their own progress to ensure that they become independent learners Assessment is essential to ensure that every student acquires the knowledge, understanding and skills to progress from Key Stage 3, make sound option choices and then succeed in their GCSEs and A Levels.

Students are assessed on their understanding of content taught to date.  This assessment will be a blend of both formative and summative and  can include content taught in previous years. Student progress is monitored through regular marking and feedback. On key pieces of work students will receive Feedback through the AIM Acronym:

A – What the Student has Achieved.

I – What the Student needs to Improve

M – The Student Response.

Please find a link to our current Assessment Policy which outlines the frequency and methods of reporting across all key stages.