Autism Resource Centre

Autism Resource Centre

The ARC is a twelve place county funded resource provision for students with ASC (Autism Spectrum Condition). In order for students to access the provision they must have either Statement of Special Educational Needs or Education Health Care Plan with reference to ASC and a formal medical diagnosis. Possible placement within the provision will be discussed at the annual statement review in consultation with both the LEA and St. Nicholas Catholic High School. The provision placement is decided by the LEA at a Panel Meeting.

The provision consists of a large teaching area where students have their own space and resources to aid their individual learning styles. A quiet area has been developed, with easy chairs and bean bags to help relax and calm the students when they need some “time out”. ICT facilities include four computers, colour printer and interactive whiteboard. A life skills area with cooking facilities to enable students to develop independent living skills.

ARC students attend Social Skills lessons once a week. Topics covered include: emotional awareness and communication, empathy, positive thinking, assertiveness and dealing with anger. Through these lessons students are emotionally equipped to develop their independence skills.

A reward system is in place to encourage positive behaviour and enable them to make the correct choices regarding their education.

Students aim to attend mainstream lessons, but are able to access the ARC if they find the demands of mainstream lessons too challenging. Students then work in the ARC with work provided by their subject teachers.

The ARC is staffed by a specialist ASC teacher Mrs J Milborne and teaching assistants.

For further information regarding provision placements contact your LEA.