16-19 Bursary Fund

16-19 BURSARY FUND 2023-24
St Nicholas Catholic High School 16-19 Tuition Fund Statement. –
The 16-19 Bursary Fund is a government funded scheme which provides financial support to help students overcome specific financial barriers to participation they may face so they can remain in education. The bursary fund is money that the student, or the school, can use to pay for essential costs associated with attending school or college for example, meals, transport between home and school/college, educational visits which form an essential part of the study course, UCAS fees, travel for university interviews, stationery, printing, books or other materials. It cannot be used to fund a student’s general living costs.
There are two types of bursaries available: for defined vulnerable groups and discretionary. Each bursary is allocated based on students meeting the eligibility criteria and an individual assessment of financial need. The government sets out specific funding criteria for the vulnerable bursary, whilst the eligibility criteria for the discretionary bursary are awarded by the school in line with funding guidelines. In both cases, the school is responsible for determining whether a student’s application has been successful.
St Nicholas Catholic High is dedicated to:
• Distributing 16-19 bursaries via a fair and equal process that is transparent, accountable, and easily understood.
• Ensuring that information regarding the application, award, and administration of 16-19 bursaries is available to all.
• Widening access to, and participation in, sixth form education.
• Ensuring all students who are eligible for funding have access to it.