The 4 Rs

The 4 Rs

Here at St Nicholas we expect the very best from every member of our community in all that we do.

We refer to this as the ‘4 Rs


There are four core expectations that students at St Nicholas Catholic High School believe are central to good behaviour: respect for others, respect for yourself and respect for the School.

Respect for others
a. Treat all other people in the same way as you would like to be treated
b. Listen to and accept the views of others
c. Have an acceptance of others’ learning
d. Encourage and help those around you
e. Respect school property and the property of others
f. Language should never be racist, sexist, homophobic or transphobic; no student should accept or tolerate such language.

Respect for yourself
a. Use your time to good effect and try your best at everything you attempt
b. Accept praise and respond positively to criticism
c. Dress neatly, wear the correct school uniform and take pride in your appearance

Respect for the School
a. Represent the School in a way that demonstrates the values of the St Nicholas Catholic High School.
b. Respect others’ learning environment
c. Arrive at school, lessons and activities on time and with the correct equipment and uniform
d. Participate enthusiastically in all lessons and activities
e. Develop a responsible approach to class work and homework

Ready to Learn
a. Arrive at school, lessons and activities on time
b. Arrive with the correct equipment and books for your lesson
c. Wear the correct uniform at all times
d. Arrive with a positive attitude and determination to succeed

To assist in meeting these expectations, students at St Nicholas Catholic High School expect the rules set out by staff to be enforced fairly and consistently. Students understand that they must
follow the expectations set out in the School Planner at all times and accept the consequences if these expectations are not met.

Further details can be found within the school behaviour policy