Lesson Monitor Codes

Lesson Monitor Code Description
0 The minimum expectation has not been met; the student has disrupted the lesson severely and / or displayed extreme behaviour; the student is likely to have been removed from the lesson
1 The student is not adhering to the ‘4Rs’ and this could include rude and/or disruptive behaviour, disrespectful or discriminatory behaviour
2 The student is not ready to learn in terms of attitude and does not complete tasks to the best of their ability. The student has ‘coasted’ and had to be persistently cajoled and encouraged to complete classwork.
3 The student meets the 4Rs
4 The student meets the 4Rs and show an exceptional thirst for knowledge going beyond the lesson expectations. Attitude to learning is exemplary, demonstrating initiative and independence
8 The student did not complete and/or hand in homework.
9 The student is not ready to learn in terms of equipment including diary/day sheet and uniform