Lenten Charities

Lenten Charities

During Lent, the school community works in their Saint ladders to create fundraising ideas and events to raise money to support the work of two important charities.  CARITAS Shrewsbury who work with children, families, communities and parishes to build stronger, supportive communities wherever there is current disadvantage. We also support CARITAS Internationalis  (a sister organisation to CAFOD), Caritas Internationalis is confederation of over 160 members who are working at the grassroots in almost every country of the world. When a crisis hits, Caritas is already on the ground.

For more information about CARITAS Internationalis visit their website


For more information about CARITAS Shrewsbury visit their website: https://www.caritasshrewsbury.org.uk/

For more information about CAFOD, visit their website; www.cafod.org.uk

For more information about Catholic Children’s Society visit the Shrewsbury Diocese website

For more information of Mid-Cheshire Food banks visit their website; midcheshire.foodbank.org.uk