Newsletter 28.03.2024

Newsletter 28.03.2024

Message from our Chaplain Mairie

We have ended our school term with a beautiful Whole School Mass celebrated by Fr Peter from St Mary’s, and Fr Paul from St John Vianney. We were blessed by our wonderful musicians and choir and by our enthusiastic readers. Thanks to everyone, including site and IT staff and everyone involved in making this a special and reflective time to celebrate this term. 
Lent Charity 
We have had an amazing response from everyone this term for our fundraising efforts. Thank you for all your support over the past weeks. We will have two weeks ‘grace’ when we come back for any classes who have not yet managed an event. 
Please do enjoy the Easter break and have a blessed and restful time. We look forward to seeing everyone refreshed in the new term. God Bless

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024 
Last week St Nicholas Catholic High School celebrated Neurodiversity Celebration Week 2024

Students learnt about Neurodiversity through their Pastoral Curriculum and students enjoyed finding out about different celebrities and their Neurodiverse brains.

Year 9 students commented that they enjoyed learning about different conditions and was surprised to learn that Justin Bieber has Dyslexia.

One student in Year 9 noted that he felt it was important to learn about Neurodiversity because it shows that even when someone may have different challenges to others people you can still achieve highly and those achievements need to be celebrated.

As part of the week Staff were signposted to updated Neurodiversity training to help best meet the individual needs of our students.

As a Catholic community, inclusion is a foundational principle and it is with great pride we were able to take part in this worldwide event this year and look forward to doing more events that raise awareness to Neurodiversity in the future.

Prom dress event

 ‘Cinderella will go to the ball!
On Monday evening, we were lucky enough to have Sue from MayAnn Designs come to school with a wide range of gorgeous prom dresses and accessories at a brilliant price. Quite a few girls said, ‘yes to the dress’ and we can’t wait to see them all glammed up and ready to celebrate their achievements and hard work. 
A huge thank you to Sue and Mrs Frampton-Rawling from the PTA for organising such a fantastic evening. 

Duke of Edinburgh

Silver Expedition

On Friday 22nd March, our Year 11 Silver Duke of Edinburgh cohort embarked on their training expedition in the Peak District. Many of the cohort were direct candidates, so had not experienced an expedition before and worked fantastically to learn navigation skills, camp craft, and teamwork skills. They experienced treacherous weather on their first day of walking, which didn’t improve at all in the evening and they dealt with rain, hail, wind, and even some thunder and lightning. On the second day, they were finally greeted with some sunshine and completed the navigation walk independently. The instructors were very complimentary of how well they had done and they celebrated at the finish with some homemade rocky road. They will be completing their qualifying expedition in North Wales over the Easter holidays and we wish them the best of luck!

Music News

Recital Evening

Well done to Year 12 A Level Music students who performed brilliantly at their Recital Evening on Monday this week.

Business Education

Department of Business Education – Bank of England

On Monday 25th March we were very lucky to have Oliver Winspear visit us from London to talk to our Year 12 A level Economics students about the roles of the bank, the mechanics of monetary policy and some advice and guidance on careers with the Bank. Students found the discussions regarding the 2008 financial crisis enlightening and were amazed at how many gold bullions are currently held at the Bank! Oliver was also able to advise our students on how he managed to gain his role in the Prudential Regulation department and offered them tips on job applications and interviews.

Department of Business Education – Egg design competition
We ran a competition in our Business lessons last week where students designed a new product – an Easter Egg. The topic we are studying in business is the Marketing Mix (Product Place Price Promotion) and we have been learning about this in our business lessons. 
Students were asked to create a new product in the Easter Egg market and draw a design of this product, incorporating the other 3 P’s, pricing the product, saying where it could be purchased(place) and then creating a promotional campaign for it. 
The winners were picked by teachers that don’t teach GCSE Business and the winners will receive an Easter egg as a prize in lesson on Thursday before we break for Easter.
And the winners are………
The Golden Egg (Joe Priestley, Luke Morris and Harry Johnson) and the Milktray Egg ( Issy Bebbington and Oskar Suchecki)
Students really enjoyed this task and we are delighted with all of their fantastic ideas and approach to it. Well done to the Business Studies Year 10’s 


Dear Parents & Carers,
The PTFA would like to wish all the families in our school community a very happy Easter time. 
Our next meeting is in school on Monday 29th April at 5.15pm. Everyone is welcome. 
Take care.
Your PTFA 


This week’s jackpot winning number is:

One of our supporters won £14.10 in the draw!

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Have a great weekend everyone!

Library and Literacy

Does your child really need another Easter egg? 
Generous family members will no doubt be plying your children with chocolate and Easter eggs this upcoming holiday. Instead of adding another egg to pile, think about gifting something even more magical. Books! Even better….Egg themed books (the Easter link here is clearly a stretch. In hindsight I realise I could have gone with books about new beginnings. Oh well, too late)!
Eggs by Jerry Spinelli
Nine-year-old David has recently lost his mother to a freak accident, his salesman father is constantly on the road, and he is letting his anger out on his grandmother. Sarcastic and bossy 13-year-old Primrose lives with her childlike, fortuneteller mother, and a framed picture is the only evidence of the father she never knew. Despite their differences, David and Primrose forge a tight yet tumultuous friendship, eventually helping each other deal with what is missing in their lives. This powerful, quirky novel about two very complicated, damaged children has much to say about friendship, loss, and recovery.
Egg Monsters From Mars by R. L. Stine
Disgusted by his bratty kid sister’s demand for an egg hunt as part of a birthday celebration, Dana Johnson is amazed when he finds a football-sized, purple-veined egg that hatches a terrifying surprise.
The Pinhoe Egg by Dianna Wynn Jones (number 6 in the Chrestomanci series)

Cat Chant and Marianne Pinhoe have discovered something exciting–something truly precious, very strange, and valuable. An egg.

An egg that has been hidden away in an attic for who-knows-how-many years. An egg protected by some strong “Don’t Notice” spells. An egg that Marianne gives to Cat, even though he lives at nearby Chrestomanci Castle. Chrestomanci himself, the strongest enchanter in the world, is sure to be interested in the egg–and interference from the Big Man is the last thing Marianne’s family of secret rogue witches wants.

But how much longer can the Pinhoes keep their secrets? Gammer, the leader of the clan, has gone mad, a powerful bad luck spell is wreaking havoc, and there’s an unexplained plague of frogs. Not to mention the mysterious barrier Cat finds in the forest.

Marianne and Cat may be the only two who can set things right. But first Marianne must accept her own powerful magic, and Cat must uncover the secrets behind the mystical Pinhoe Egg.

Yolk by Mary H. K. Choi (Young Adult)
From New York Times bestselling author Mary H.K. Choi comes a funny and emotional story about two estranged sisters switching places and committing insurance fraud to save one of their lives.

Jayne Baek is barely getting by. She shuffles through fashion school, saddled with a deadbeat boyfriend, clout-chasing friends, and a wretched eating disorder that she’s not fully ready to confront. But that’s New York City, right? At least she isn’t in Texas anymore, and is finally living in a city that feels right for her.

On the other hand, her sister June is dazzlingly rich with a high-flying finance job and a massive apartment. Unlike Jayne, June has never struggled a day in her life. Until she’s diagnosed with uterine cancer.

Suddenly, these estranged sisters who have nothing in common are living together. Because sisterly obligations are kind of important when one of you is dying.

How to Save the World with a Chicken and an Egg by Emma Shevah
This story isn’t just about birds. It’s about secrets, the seaside, how seagulls can trick worms into thinking it’s raining.

It’s about mucus, fudge and dogs needing a wide variety of sniffs.

But if you want the simple version, it’s about what happened here last summer. How a girl called Ivy and a boy called Nathaniel solved a mystery and saved the world’s animals: one at a time …

A brand new topical and heartfelt middle grade adventure from the critically acclaimed writer of Dream on, Amber and Dara Palmer’s Major Drama.
LumberJanes: The Good Egg by Mariko Tamaki 
(One of my favourite comic series)
Welcome to Miss Qiunzella Thiskwin Penniquiqul Thistle Crumpet’s Camp for Hardcore Lady Types. The five scouts of Roanoke cabin—Jo, April, Molly, Mal, and Ripley—love their summers at camp. They get to hang out with their best friends, earn Lumberjane scout badges, annoy their no-nonsense counselor Jen . . . and go on supernatural adventures. That last one? A pretty normal occurrence at Miss Qiunzella’s, where the woods contain endless mysteries.
Book three shines the spotlight on Ripley, the smallest, youngest, most animal-loving member of the cabin. When Ripley comes across an abandoned egg, she’s determined to take care of it until the parent comes back. Unfortunately, her plan is quickly foiled by egg poachers, who steal the egg for their own collection.
Other egg themed books are available! Have a wonderful Easter everyone.

Community Notices - Wizard of Oz

St Nicholas students take to the stage this Easter!

Easter Entertainment for the Family!

Saturday 6th April 2.30pm & 6.00pm

The Grange Theatre, Hartford.

For one day only this classic musical lights up The Grange Theatre.

Embark on a magical journey over the rainbow with Dorothy, played by one of our talented St Nicholas’ students, Ivy Hall and her friends, Scarecrow Lion and TinMan, played by another St Nicholas star, Naomi Kirwin. With iconic songs like ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, fabulous costumes and visuals effects, it’s a production not to be missed.

Click your heels three times and follow the yellow brick road to The Grange Theatre. Book your tickets today.


Bentley Work Experience

Our work experience opportunities for 16-18 year olds will be advertised in Spring 2024, the week of physical work experience to be in July 2024. This is the only period we are looking to host work experience students and it will be 1 week in duration. Everyone who is interested will be required to apply via Your Career at Bentley – Official Bentley Careers website (

Aoprenticeship opportunity

Apprenticeship opportunity from  RMG at Gadbrooke Park in Northwich. 

Click here for further information

Community Notices

Lunchtime and after school Clubs


Monday Linguistics Club, Years 10,11,12,13 in E7
Monday : Memrise Club  in L5

Tuesday : Science Club in S5
Tuesday: GCSE Computer Science Revision in C2
Tuesday : Chess Club in M5
Art club – all years in  A1 and A2
Wednesday : Easy as Pi – Maths Club – in M6
Wednesday : Dungeons and Dragons in B5
Art club  -all years A1 in and A2 – KS4
KS3 History Club – Week 2 in H1
GCSE History Film Club – Week 1 in H1

After School:

Performing Arts Club – 3.15 – 4.30 Drama
Food Club – Year 9 and GCSE – 
3.15 – 4.30 in T6
Drama Club in Drama Studio
Dungeons and Dragons  – in the library

Art club for everyone in A2

Music - lunchtime and after school clubs


Monday: Woodwind Ensemble
Tuesday : Year 9 band 1M
Wednesday : Jazz Band (GCSE and A Level)

After School:

Tuesday : Year 11 revision
Wednesday Choir 3.15-5pm
Thursday Orchestra

Instrumental Lessons in school


If you are interested in learning an instrument in school, please click here

PE - lunchtime and after school clubs


Monday : Basketball – sports Hall – Year 9
Tuesday : Basketball – sports Hall – Year 10
: Basketball – sports Hall – Year 7&8
Football – sports Hall – Year 9
Football – sports Hall – Sixth Form

After School:


Upcoming dates

Monday 15th Apr School Reopens
Thursday 25th Apr Junior Maths Challenge Years 7 & 8
Friday 26th Apr ARC Trip 
Monday 29th Apr Year 7 Exams Commence
Monday 29th Apr PTFA Meeting 5.15 – 6.15pm
Friday 3rd May A Level Art Exam
Monday 6th May Bank Holiday
Thursday 9th May Year 11 Mass – time tbc
Friday 10th May Year 7 exams finish
Friday 17th May Y13 Celebrations and mass (leave at lunch)
Friday 24th May Y11 last day

Summer Half Term 27th May – 31st May

Click here for future dates


“Everyone Matters – so attendance matters”


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