Newsletter 19.04.2024

Newsletter 19.04.2024

Message from our Chaplain Mairie

Happy Easter to you all. The Easter season continues for fifty days after Easter Sunday so do continue to celebrate!
We will be celebrating our Year 11 and Year 13 students as they prepare for their national exams. Our Year 11 Mass will be on Thursday, 2nd May, and the Year 13 students will have their Mass on Friday 17th May. This will offer us the opportunity as a community, to support and pray for our students at this important stepping stone in their lives. Information letters will be going out to parents shortly. 
We do pray for our students, for their well-being and success. I also offer the chapel as a quiet space for breaks and lunch. If you think that your child might benefit – please remind them. Sometimes, even a quiet two or five minutes can make a difference. 

Parent Focus Group

Parent Focus Group 
I am writing to invite any of you who may be interested to take part in a  Parent Focus Group meeting, on Tuesday 23rd April at 5pm – 6 p.m. 
I would like to give Parents and Carers an update on the Pastoral Review and the group will be used take parent views on the following policies:
The aim of such events is to ensure that we are working as a community to continually improve what we do.
Should you be interested in attending, please can you e-mail me so that we can plan to accommodate the numbers.
I appreciate that there may be Parents / Carers who are unable to attend but would like to give some Feedback on any of the above Policies or indeed any aspect of our Pastoral life here at St Nicholas. Please could I ask if this is the case, please can I ask that you complete the following Microsoft Form:
Simon Spencer

Sporting Success - Charlotte Mills

Charlotte Mills and her partner Mellisa Cape won gold medals in the Northwest Acrobatics Gymnastics Prelims competition. They competed two stunning routines (Dynamic and Balance) in the highly competitive IPD1 grade, placing them in 1st position. This amazing achievement has qualified them to represent the North West at the British Gymnastics Acrobatics Finals at Fenton Manor in May. 
In addition the were also award the highly prestigious Julie Heslop Trophy for the highest artisty score in the whole competition. Their stunning balance routine, which held the whole stadium in captive audience, received an artistry score of 8.5.

Sporting Success - Katie Pollitt

Katie Pollitt represented Great Britain at the recent Malta Open Karate Championships & the WKA World Championships also in Malta and became a Double World Champion!!!

Malta Open Results:

 – bronze in team Sanbon (fighting)

World Championships:

 – Gold and World Champion Kata Open Styles
 – Gold and World Champion Kumite Ippon (fighting)
– Bronze Kata Other Styles

On her return from Malta she attended the RyuKyu International Karate Tournament in Newcastle where Katie achieved the following

– Gold Kata
– Bronze in Sanbon kumite
– Bronze in team kumite

Huge Congratulations Katie! We are all very proud of your achievements!

PE News - After School Tennis

After School Tennis

The PE department would like to invite all tennis fans to join us for after school recreational tennis.

You can bring your own racket or borrow equipment from school.

All abilities welcome

Tuesday Year 10
Wednesday Year 9
Thursday Year 8
Friday Year 7

Safety by train station

Keeping safe at the station

We have had reports that some students have been seen jumping onto the tracks at Greenbank station.

We would like parents and carers to remind students that it is imperative that they keep themselves safe while waiting for their train at the station.


Dear Parents & Carers,
We hope you all had a lovely Easter time & managed some time to relax. 
We are holding our next PTFA meeting on 29th April at 5.15 pm in school. We are always looking for new members & everyone is welcome. 
Thank you.
Your PTFA 


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Library and Literacy

New research confirms that comics help raise literacy standards in children
Research conducted by Lakes International Comic Arts Festival, overseen by Prof. Andrew Miles, Professor of Sociology at the University of Manchester, has found that comics inspire a love of reading in children and improve standards of literacy. You can read more about this here:

Here are some of the highlights from the report:

The average reading age of the class involved in the comics intervention rose by 18 months in the 12 months after the workshops started. The comparison group saw a rise of only 11 months.
Two thirds of the parents of this group noted specific changes in reading habits in their children, including interest, independence and confidence in learning.
The pupils spoke enthusiastically about receiving and reading The Phoenix comic at home, where it was often read also by participants’ siblings.
By the end of the project, the number of students agreeing that being given a book as a gift would make them happy had risen by 13 percent while there was a decline of 14 percent among the comparison group.
The number of children who listed reading as one of their favourite leisure activities doubled in the comics group, while it reduced in popularity among the comparison group.
We have a great comic/graphic novel collection in the library and an even more extensive collection on SORA

If you see your child engaging with a comic, please don’t be disparaging about it, or tell them to read a “proper book”. Think of it as the gateway to a lifelong love of reading which will grow and develop as they do.

Book of the week
A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson
I have been trying to get my hands on this for a while now but, as the Librarian, I am obliged to let your children have first dibs.  For months, every time this came back in, another student was already awaiting it eagerly, having placed a reservation. Hawkeye students would spot it in the hands of the current borrower on their way to return it to the library and follow them in so they could have it out next. When the opportunity eventually came for me to return it without somebody there ready to snatch it away again, I did what every good librarian should do. I hid it. And finally read it.
A Good Girl’s Guide To Murder follows sixth form student Pippa in her quest to find out the truth behind the murder-suicide of students from her school. The “murder” happened years ago but the people it affected are still in town and closely connected to Pippa through family friendships.  Pippa’s main problem is that the body of the murder victim was never actually found. Also, she knew the so called perpetrator and doesn’t believe him capable of doing such a thing.
The investigation begins as a topic for her EPQ (side note: currently marking this year’s  EPQ’s and sadly not one of them has broken any historical murder cases as yet) but quickly descends into a dangerous obsession as she uncovers secrets and lies that somebody will do anything to prevent being uncovered. 
As an avid reader I regularly ruin books for myself by guessing “the twist”, but there’s something at the end of this book which I would never have imagined. Finally, an ending which took me by surprise.

Community Notices

Kids Fun Triathlon and Duathlon

Now Northwich International Dance Festival

Cheshire’s FREE International Dance and Street Arts Festival for all the family, Now Northwich, is taking place on Saturday 27th April 2024.
Performances start at 12pm and will run throughout the afternoon and
evening. Shows and experiences will be spread out across Northwich town
centre and Barons Quay

Lunchtime and after school Clubs


Monday Linguistics Club, Years 10,11,12,13 in E7
Monday : Memrise Club  in L5

Tuesday : Science Club in S5
Tuesday: GCSE Computer Science Revision in C2
Tuesday : Chess Club in M5
Art club – all years in  A1 and A2
Wednesday : Easy as Pi – Maths Club – in M6
Wednesday : Dungeons and Dragons in B5
Art club  -all years A1 in and A2 – KS4
KS3 History Club – Week 2 in H1
GCSE History Film Club – Week 1 in H1

After School:

Performing Arts Club – 3.15 – 4.30 Drama
Food Club – Year 9 and GCSE – 
3.15 – 4.30 in T6
Drama Club in Drama Studio
Dungeons and Dragons  – in the library

Art club for everyone in A2

Music - lunchtime and after school clubs


Monday: Woodwind Ensemble
Tuesday : Year 9 band 1M
Wednesday : Jazz Band (GCSE and A Level)

After School:

Tuesday : Year 11 revision
Wednesday Choir 3.15-5pm
Thursday Orchestra

Instrumental Lessons in school


If you are interested in learning an instrument in school, please click here

PE - lunchtime and after school clubs


Monday : Basketball – sports Hall – Year 9
Tuesday : Basketball – sports Hall – Year 10
: Basketball – sports Hall – Year 7&8
Football – sports Hall – Year 9
Football – sports Hall – Sixth Form

After School:

Meetings – no cricket
A level Revision
Athletics-All Years
Year 10 Tennis
GCSE preparation -Trampolining and athletics
Cricket- All Years
Year 9 Tennis
GCSE preparation – football
Rounders-All Year
Year 8 Tennis
GCSE PE Revision
Year 7 Tennis

Upcoming dates

Thursday 25th Apr Junior Maths Challenge Years 7 & 8
Monday 29th Apr Year 7 Exams Commence
Monday 29th Apr PTFA Meeting 5.15 – 6.15pm
Friday 3rd May A Level Art Exam
Monday 6th May Bank Holiday
Thursday 9th May Year 11 Mass – time tbc
Friday 10th May Year 7 exams finish
Friday 17th May Y13 Celebrations and mass (leave at lunch)
Friday 24th May Y11 last day

Summer Half Term 27th May – 31st May

Click here for future dates


“Everyone Matters – so attendance matters”


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