Newsletter 12.02.2024

Newsletter 12.02.2024

Message from our Chaplain Mairie

MiniDASH Conference

Thirteen of our students (Year 8 and Sixth Form) attended the High School MiniDASH Conference at Chester High School. Here is a report from Ella, one of the students. 

“We attended the MiniDASH Conference to discuss Catholic Social Teaching. We did a multitude of different activities that fostered ideas on how we could do more in our own schools.
We focused on the Dignity of the Human Person and did activities that related to that principle and how that feeds into the Common Good. For example, we wrote our own hopes and dreams and decorated them. We also wrote questions about how our school is doing and we were able to ask Mr Burns on the day.
We also watched presentations from other schools and showed our own video showing what we do and how Catholic Social Teaching is in all parts of school life.
It was an enjoyable day and gave us lots to think about for our school.”

GCSE exam results

GCSE Performance

Last week the school received it’s validated GCSE results which confirmed that through student’s hard work, the outstanding teaching and pastoral care that all student’s receive at St Nicholas and not forgetting your continued and valuable support an outstanding set of results. The headlines include:

A progress 8 Score of +0.36 – which was significantly above National performance and the best score within the local area
59% of students receiving a Grade 5 in both English and Maths, against a local average of 44% and a National average of 45%
If you would like further information regarding these results, please do visit:

However we are not complacent and we are always trying to continuously improve. As I have indicated previously, we are currently undergoing our Pastoral Review which is looking to further strengthen this area of the school.


Safeguarding Update

Please contact Mr Spencer or any of the Safeguarding team should you have any questions or concerns around Safeguarding.

At what age can my child start using social networks?

EE Learn includes an array of information and guidance on how to keep your child safe online, for example tips on how to help your child when they are online. Find out more here:

EE Learn

EE Learn includes an array of information and guidance on how to keep your child safe online, for example tips on how to help your child when they are online. Find out more here:


Does your child have a PlayStation? If so, have you set up appropriate parental controls? Some examples of the parental controls available are:

  • Set age restrictions,
  • Set daily limits,
  • Control chat and messaging,
  • Set spend limits.

How can I block/report other players?

 If your child is playing with other players, then please ensure they know how to report/block other players and to tell a trusted adult if they do come across anything upsetting or that they are unsure of. This link details how to do this based on the device they have:

What games are suitable for my child? 

PlayStation have included a list of games along with their age rating to help you find a game that may be appropriate for your child to play.

Whilst age ratings do allow you to see if a game may be appropriate, it is also important to review the game yourself and see if it includes additional features such as chat. This will allow you to make an informed decision as to whether it is suitable and if you need to apply further parental controls. 

Further information  You can find out more about the controls available here:

 What is Snapchat?

 Snapchat is a social media app used for messaging and sharing photos and videos. You must be 13+ to sign up. Users can send messages (snaps) to others that are only seen for a set time e.g., 10 seconds and users can also upload snaps to stories, which disappear after 24 hours.   You can find out more about Snapchat here:

Family Center:

New features Snapchat are expanding the features available to you in their Family Center, allowing parents to view: 

  • story settings: you will be able to see who your child is sharing their story with e.g. all their friends or a smaller group.
  • contact settings: see who your child can be contacted by (by people they have added as a friend or their phone contacts).
  • if your child is sharing their location with friends on the Snap Map.

In addition, you will be able to restrict the use of Snapchat’s ‘My AI.’ You can find out more here:

More information 

The NSPCC provide further information about Snapchat, the risks involved with using Snapchat and tips to help keep your child safe if they are using Snapchat. 

Year 11 Revision

Year 11 Revision

There are plenty of revision sessions being offered for Year 11.

Please encourage the students to attend – and there are prom points too. 

Schedule updated 12.02.24


St Nicholas Challenge

 St Nicholas Challenge Reward  
At St Nicholas we have created a challenge to reward students who attend regularly and adhere to our 4Rs. Students will be entered into a draw for some amazing prizes including a Nintendo Switch if:
1. Their attendance is over 95% between 5th February and 5th July {For Year 11 May Half Term} or if their attendance is above 90% but with no more than 2 periods of absence
2. They have had no Internal or External Suspensions
3. There have been no incidents of Internal Truancy {missing lessons}

Weekly Focus

Weekly Focus


At St Nicholas we are blessed with wonderful students who turn up to lesson with the right attitude, equipment and a willingness to learn. However, a small number of students do not always follow our simple rules and high expectations. By setting out weekly expectations in forms  and sharing them with parents and carers we are confident that all our students will be making the right choices and contributing positively to their lessons and to the St Nicholas Community.

Uniform Update

Cost of school uniform

Following a recent review of our uniform contract with our supplier Uniformity, we are pleased to announce that with immediate effect the price of our blazers will be reduced to Junior £35.95 and senior £38.95 (approx. 20% saving) and all other prices will remain the same until 1st January 2025, so will not be subject to the usual annual inflationary increase for the remainder of 2024.

Click here for Uniformity

We would also like to remind parents about the second-hand uniform exchange, Green Uniform and Baby Bank, a local charity and community shop based in Winsford which accepts donations and sells branded/logo uniform items for schools in the Winsford catchment area including St Nicholas and also generic uniform items and accessories. Please consider donating when your child has outgrown their uniform/leaves St Nicholas or use this facility if you need it. Please visit for further information and opening times.

Used items can be dropped off at school reception and where we collect it for The Green Uniform and Baby Bank.

Message from the Green Uniform and Babybank:

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of opening, we are rewinding back to the beginning by returning to offer generic school uniforms for FREE until February 29th. This offer is open to everyone. All generic uniforms are included, with exception to coats and shoes, so parents can get themselves stocked up with spares or prepared for summer at NO COST.
To find out our opening times, please see our Webpage.

Sporting Success - Katie Pollitt - Karate

Last weekend the WUKF Irish Open Championships took place, and Katie Pollitt was selected to represent England.

She was entered into 5 categories and achieved the following:Individual Kata age 15-17  – BronzeIndividual Kata age 18-20 – SilverIndividual Ippon (fighting) age 15-17 – BronzeIndividual Sanbon (fighting) age 15-17 – SilverKatie also stepped up to the ladies team rotation (fighting) age 18-35 where they won the Gold medal.


We are extremely proud of Katie’s achievements and look forward to hearing about all her future successes. 

Summer Exams 2024

The GCSE and A-Level exam dates are now available to view on our website

Sporting Success - Rugby

Last week saw both Year 7 and year 10 rugby in action against Weaverham High School.
Both teams gave their all and it was great to see them putting into practice the drills and game play we have prepared in PE lessons.


Bingo Fundraiser
👀Eyes down ……… our bingo event is back. 
We are raising funds for outdoor canopies for school. 
Please come along to our Bingo evening on Thursday, 7th March 6pm-8pm in school.
Refreshments & snacks to buy.
£5 per person to play for a book of games.
Prizes galore for both the bingo & the raffle.

Your School Lottery

Remember to check your email to see if you’ve won!


One of our supporters won £14.70 in the draw! 😀 🎉


If you haven’t signed up yet visit our lottery here – you everyone!

Library and Literacy

Reading print improves comprehension six to eight times more than digital reading 
A recent meta analysis by researchers from the University of Valencia has found that reading print improves comprehension more than reading digital media. In fact, in primary school aged children, the development of reading comprehension via digital text was close to zero. This changes however when children reach high school. One of the reasons given for this disparity is the lower quality of language and syntax accessed via digital formats such as social media outlets. This means that we don’t necessarily need to worry about eBooks. One of the reasons that younger children appear to be affected in greater measures is that they are less able to cope with distractions from notifications when reading from a digital device. This can be combated by turning off notifications whilst your child is reading. Another issue appears to be how digital reading is approached. Readers tend to skim read when reading from a device, preventing them from becoming immersed in the activity.
In short, we should be prioritising reading print for primary school children and do what we can to prevent distractions from messages and app notifications when having to read from digital sources. Older children can develop their comprehension using digital formats by avoiding “skim reading” when reading for pleasure (obviously skim reading/scanning has its place when reading for information).  The link to the original article can be found below. 

Book of the Week

Crossing the Line by Tia Fisher 

A thought-provoking book, written entirely in verse, which is the perfect medium to convey the intense high-stakes situations our main character gets himself into. Erik’s life takes a turn for the worse when his dad dies during the pandemic. His red hair draws negative attention from older students and Erik finds himself in trouble when he fights back at the bullies. Unfortunately, this attracts the attention of a different crowd. Erik starts hanging out with kids who have access to a lot of cash, the best trainers, new phones and are always prepared to back him in a fight. Seeing that his single Mum struggles for income, they introduce him to someone who can help. With a brand-new iPhone in hand, Erik soon finds himself running drugs across county lines. Easy money, right? As the story develops, we see Erik driven further and further from all the good things in his life; his family, his sport and his best friend Ravi. Crossing the Line accurately depicts the frightening ease with which gangs and drugs dealers groom vulnerable children and reminds us never to take our safety for granted.
Contains themes of grief, drug abuse, cuckooing, violence against children, county lines, also contains some swearing.

13+ (would be fine for mature 12 year olds)

Vaccinations in school

The Td/IPV and MenACWY vaccination programme for St Nicholas Catholic High School is scheduled for:

The vaccination is for Year 9 plus anyone in years 10 and 11 who have missed theirs last year.
St Nicholas Catholic High School, has a unique code that you will be prompted to input into the system. The code is: CP111450
Please submit consent here 

by 12 NOON MONDAY 11TH MARCH to ensure that your child receives the vaccination.

Community Notices

The Grange Theatre is launching a Young Company for young people (14-21yrs) who have a particular interest in the performing arts and who might be considering a career in the arts. The company will meet weekly during term time and is free to those students selected. 

As well as encouraging students in contemporary theatre practice, I hope the Young Company will also form a peer group of support for likeminded individuals.

Level 2 Award in Childcare Development.

Monday 26th Feb – Fri 1st March

Coming February *FREE course : Level 2 Award in Childcare Development….

Learners will learn about the importance of play to a Child’s development.

Be able to plan activities that meet the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage

Gain and understanding of Autistic Spectrum Disorder

* FREE to anyone over 19 years of age on an out of work benefit or earning less than £20,319

To book a place, check your eligibility or further enquiries call or text: 07833 236675 or email

Community Notices - Cricket

Lunchtime and after school Clubs


Monday Linguistics Club, Years 10,11,12,13 in E7
Monday : Memrise Club  in L5

Tuesday : Science Club in S5
Tuesday: GCSE Computer Science Revision in C2
Tuesday : Chess Club in M5
Art club – all years in  A1 and A2
Wednesday : Easy as Pi – Maths Club – in M6
Wednesday : Dungeons and Dragons in B5
Art club  -all years A1 in and A2 – KS4
KS3 History Club – Week 2 in H1
GCSE History Film Club – Week 1 in H1

After School:

Performing Arts Club – 3.15 – 4.30 Drama
Food Club – Year 9 and GCSE – 
3.15 – 4.30 in T6
Drama Club in Drama Studio
Dungeons and Dragons  – in the library

Art club for everyone in A2

Music - lunchtime and after school clubs


Tuesday : Year 9 ensemble1M
Wednesday Jazz Band (GCSE and A Level)
Thursday : String Ensemble

After School:

Tuesday : GCSE Revision
Wednesday Choir 
ORCHESTRA- Twilight inset for staff

Instrumental Lessons in school


If you are interested in learning an instrument in school, please click here

PE - lunchtime and after school clubs


Monday : Basketball – sports Hall – Year 9
Tuesday : Basketball – sports Hall – Year 10
: Basketball – sports Hall – Year 7&8
Football – sports Hall – Year 9
Football – sports Hall – Sixth Form

After School:

Cricket Nets Practice KS3 and GCSE

Sports Hall Athletics Year 7 & 8 Boys & Girls at Rudheath High School.
A Level PE EAPI Coursework

Year 8 & 11 Netball against CHSL

Netball Practice- All Years



Upcoming dates

Monday 12th Feb Year 11 Parent’s Evening 4.15 – 7.30pm
Thur 15th Feb Art/MFL Paris Trip departs
Friday 16th Feb School Closes SPRING HALF TERM
Art/MFL Paris Trip returns 19th Feb
Ski trip departs 17 – 24th Feb
Monday 26th Feb School reopens
Thursday 29th Feb English & Maths Mocks commence
Thursday 29th Feb Year 13 Parent’s Evening 4.15 – 7.30pm
Monday 4th Mar PTFA Meeting 5.15 – 6.15pm
Weds 6th Mar & Thurs 7th Mar Y11 GCSE Food preparation and nutrition practical exam
Friday 15th Mar Y11 and Y12 Silver and Gold DofE training expedition departs
Monday 18th Mar Year 9 exams commence
Tuesday 26th Mar Y8 Parents Evening 4.15 – 7.30pm
Wednesday 27th Mar Whole School Mass
Thursday 28th Mar Stanley Igoe Cup (Y11 pm)
29th – 31st March Silver 7 Gold DofE Qualifying/Training Expedition
Monday 15th Apr School Reopens

Click here for future dates


“Everyone Matters – so attendance matters”


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