Newsletter 10.05.2024

Newsletter 10.05.2024

Message from our Chaplain Mairie

Year 11 exams starting
We will all be keeping Year 11 students in our prayers as they start the exam season.
Confirmation Preparation for St Joseph’s Winsford and St Mary’s Middlewich
This is open to young people in Year 8 or above who have already made their Holy Communion. Preparation will take place at St Mary’s Parish Hall and will begin in a few weeks. Please see Mairie or your parish priest to sign up or ask for any information. 

St Nicholas Catholic High School celebrates Good Ofsted rating

St Nicholas in the Northwich Guardian

AN ‘ambitious’ high school in Hartford where pupils are ‘excellent role models’ and ‘staff are proud to work’ has retained its Good Ofsted rating.

Staff and pupils at St Nicholas Catholic High School were given cause for celebration after its latest visit from the government’s education watchdog on March 6 and 7.

The inspection report praises the school’s ‘high expectations’ of all pupils, and noted how well they were ‘prepared for the next stage of their education, training, or employment’.

They also noted the school’s ‘well-designed’ and ‘ambitious’ curriculum, which stimulates most pupils to ‘achieve well’.

Under ‘areas for improvement’, the report states while St Nicholas has a system in place to address low attendance, a small number of students don’t attended as often as they should, which hinders how well they achieve.

Head teacher, Craig Burns, said: “A distinctive characteristic of our school is a commitment to a continuous journey of improvement.

“Although we’re pleased Ofsted highlighted many significant strengths, we remain non-complacent, and will continue to work hard with parents and carers as we journey forward together to ensure the best possible education for every student in our care.

“It is testament to the commitment of our teachers that Ofsted recognised the key strengths of their daily practice, including how well they implement the curriculum, their detailed subject knowledge, and their abilities to explain concepts well.

“Such a favourable Ofsted report would not have been possible without the dedication of all members of the school community.

“I would like to thank all students, teachers, staff, parents, carers, and governors, who all combine to make St Nicholas such a unique and special place of learning.”  

In the report, Ofsted lead inspector, Eleanor Overland, said: “Pupils at St Nicholas benefit from a well-designed, ambitious curriculum, and they apply themselves in lessons and achieve well. They enjoy learning.

“Pupils receive a wide range of information and guidance about careers education and their future opportunities. They are aspirational for their future education and employment.

“Many value the range of clubs and activities on offer to them. The diverse experiences that the school provides help them nurture their wider talents and build their leadership skills.

“Pupils develop a strong sense of the importance of citizenship and helping others, for example by raising money for local charities.

“In the sixth form, students benefit from global travel opportunities. For example, some students spoke enthusiastically about a planned expedition to Vietnam and Cambodia.

“Leaders are ambitious for the future developments of the school. Governors are clear about their roles and responsibilities, and ensure they provide appropriate support and challenge to the school as it continues to develop.

“Staff said the school carefully considers their workload. For example, they are consulted on any changes before they are introduced.

“They are proud to work at the school.”


Educate yourself on nude & semi-nude images to educate and protect your child!

Worried as a parent about your child growing up?
Worried about what they may see online?
Worried about what they might do?

Thinking it won’t happen to me as a parent….it can happen to anyone!

Social media and access on the internet are growing faster than we think. Ofcom reports that 3 in 5 secondary-school-aged children (11-18 years) have been contacted online in a way that potentially made them feel uncomfortable. Around 1 in 6 have either been sent naked or half-dressed photos or have been asked to share these themselves.

In the UK, it is against the law to create, receive and distribute an indecent image or video of any child under the age of 18 years. This includes young people taking and sharing images of themselves. ‘Distributing’ doesn’t have to be sending the image on via text / what’s app / Tik Tok, it is simply showing someone from their phone.

When responding to an incident of concern it’s about balancing the response between your child’s emotional wellbeing and safeguarding them and others.

What can you do as a parent?
– Establish as best you can an open relationship around technology in the home.
– Have access to their accounts and an agreement that you randomly check, not to check up on them but to protect and support them.
– Talk to your child about who they’re talking too, healthy relationships, respect for themselves and others, how to navigate situations and what consent means.
– Talk to them about trusted adults who are around them that can listen and help.
– If you are concerned there may be a concerning image / video on…never view the image…you are also then committing an offence.

Signpost to support services…

Internet Matters Smartphone Guides helps you set up parental controls so you can safeguard your child and their peers.
Are you concerned about sexual abuse and / or online grooming…seek support and guidance from specialist workers at

Has your child already posted an indecent image of themselves online and can’t take it down. Report it to the social networking site and use the Report Remove Tool.

Remember the law is there to protect young people and it can happen to anyone.

Sporting News - Cheshire Cricket

Cheshire Cricket Practice

A fabulous day out playing cricket at Northwich Cricket Club. St Nicholas U15’s &U13’s improved their bowling, batting, and fielding skills and played doubles against Weaverham High.


Raffle Prizes wanted
Dear Parents and Carers,
We will be launching our summer raffle after half term on parentpay.  If you or your families have any raffle prizes you could please donate or perhaps you know of someone who could help with this. If you do please let school know. 
We appreciate your time and help.
Kind regards,


Thank you to everyone who takes part in Your School Lottery. 

This week’s jackpot winning numbers are:


One of our supporters won £15.30 in the draw! 😀 🎉

If you haven’t signed up yet visit our lottery here 

Thank you. 🤩

Win a Holiday

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Library and Literacy

Cherub turns 20

The Cherub series by Robert Muchamore has recently turned 20 (which makes me feel incredibly old) so I thought it would be a good idea to revisit the books which have always been my go-to for reluctant readers.
The Cherub series follows James and his fellow recruits into the secret government agency (CHERUB) which uses kids to spy on drug dealing gangs, terrorists, corrupt governments, cults, motorbike gangs, prison gangs (in an actual prison) and all manner of organised crime type baddies. Don’t worry though, all missions are risk assessed and the children have the right of refusal.

The fact that all CHERUB agents live together and are educated on an exceptionally well-funded campus allows the books to cover a multitude of tropes, issues and themes such as; family relationships, friendships, romantic relationships, being in care, bereavement, young offenders, drug abuse, teen pregnancy (although this particular issue is dealt with poorly but more on that later), religious extremism, animal welfare, race, sexuality (again, Muchamore doesn’t have much of a clue here but, he tries), action, thriller, danger and adventure and so on.

I have read The Recruit to many a year 7 class and it often happens that the children end up asking for the book and sequels for Christmas (thus ruining the book for those who don’t get the book for Christmas as 11 and 12 year olds are incapable of keeping spoilers to themselves). Those who have read ahead still engage with having it read out loud to them, such is their enthrallment in the stories. The characters are relatable to some extent and everyone likes to think of themselves as capable of training to be an elite super-spy.

Saying this, it’s worth being aware that some elements of the books haven’t aged well. There are instances of racist and homophobic insults which aren’t flagged by the characters as inappropriate, and sexism is rife. There is a teen pregnancy which is handled particularly terribly – the girl is evicted from CHERUB whilst the father is lorded as a legend for getting someone pregnant and allowed to continue his career (makes my blood boil to this day). The writing isn’t spectacular either. This is more apparent if you read it aloud. It is, however, pacey and exciting. A lot happens in each short chapter, and you’ll want to keep reading to find out what happens next.

So, despite its issues, as long as you give your child a warning about some of the dated slurs and stereotypes they are likely to encounter, I would still happily recommend the series to hook reluctant readers into reading. Think of CHERUB as a gateway series to lifelong reading habits.

Check out the Robert Muchamore interview below:

Book of the week

See above. My favourite is Divine Madness.

Vacancies at St Nicholas

Vacancies at St Nicholas

We are looking for two new colleague to join our amazing pastoral team.

Click here for further details



Apprenticeship opportunity for Year 13

Global insurer Canopious are offering apprenticeships for Year 13

IT Apprenticeship 

Click here for further information

Data Apprenticeship 

Click here for further information


Community Notices

Community Notices

Lunchtime and after school Clubs


Monday Linguistics Club, Years 10,11,12,13 in E7
Monday : Memrise Club  in L5

Tuesday : Science Club in S5
Tuesday: GCSE Computer Science Revision in C2
Tuesday : Chess Club in M5
Art club – all years in  A1 and A2
Wednesday : Easy as Pi – Maths Club – in M6
Wednesday : Dungeons and Dragons in B5
Art club  -all years A1 in and A2 – KS4
KS3 History Club – Week 2 in H1
GCSE History Film Club – Week 1 in H1

After School:

Performing Arts Club – 3.15 – 4.30 Drama
Food Club – Year 9 and GCSE – 
3.15 – 4.30 in T6
Drama Club in Drama Studio
Dungeons and Dragons  – in the library

Art club for everyone in A2

Music - lunchtime and after school clubs


Tuesday : Year 9 band 1M
Wednesday : Jazz Band (GCSE and A Level)
Thursday : String ensemble

After School:

Wednesday Choir 3.15-5pm
Thursday Orchestra 3.15-4.10pm

PE - lunchtime and after school clubs

After School:

Staff Meeting- NO CLUBS
Twilight-NO CLUBS
Cricket- All Years
Tennis- ALL Years
Inter (Years 10&11) and Junior (Year 8&9) Mid-Cheshire Athletics Competition at HHS
Rounders-All Years
Tennis-ALL Years
GCSE PE Revision

Upcoming dates

Friday 10th May Year 7 exams finish
Friday 17th May Y13 Celebrations and mass (leave at lunch)
Friday 24th May Y11 last day
Summer Half Term 27th May – 31st May
Friday 1st June Y12 DofE Qualifying Expedition
Monday 3rd June School reopens
Monday 3rd June Y8 exams commence
Thursday 6th June Year 7 Parent’s Evening 4.15 – 7.30pm
Thursday 13th June Y10 Berlin trip departs
Friday 14th June Y8 Exams finish
Friday 14th June Y11 Prom 6 – 10pm

Click here for future dates


“Everyone Matters – so attendance matters”


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