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Please choose THREE subjects from the blocks below. Please note you can only choose ONE subject from each block. Also anyone choosing to Further Mathematics as a fourth option must choose Mathematics from a different block.

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No Choice in this BlockGeographyLawMathematicsReligious Education

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No Choice in this BlockBusiness StudiesChemistryGeographyLaw

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No Choice in this BlockBiologyBusiness StudiesEnglish LiteratureFrenchPhysicsPsychology

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No Choice in this BlockBiologyEnglish LanguagePsychologyComputingMathematics

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No Choice in this BlockArt and DesignEconomicsHistoryPhysical Education

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Please give details of hobbies, interests, sporting activities, special achievements etc. with particular reference to those, which may be relevant to your application.
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I wish to be considered for a place at St Nicholas Catholic Sixth Form.

Please note that in the event of any subject being over-subscribed, the following priority criterion will apply: (i) Students who have chosen St Nicholas Catholic Sixth Form as their first choice; (ii) Subject-specific interview process. Please be aware that some subjects may be withdrawn if there is not sufficient uptake and interest.

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