Newsletter 30.04.2021

Newsletter 30.04.2021

Message from Mairie

Pray for our students 

In other years, the beginning of May reminds us that the exam season is on the way. This year has held different sort of challenge for our students, and we continue to walk beside them to support them during their assessments and continuing learning. We invite you to pray for them as they face this important milestone in their school lives. We remember all Year 11 and Year 13 students in our prayers and bless them in their studies and their future.  

Prayer for Students
Father of Light and Wisdom, thank you for giving our students a knowing mind and a loving heart.
Help them to keep learning every day — no matter what the subject may be –
and help them know how to find you and love you in all the things you have made.
Encourage them when the studies are difficult and when they are tempted by distractions.
Enlighten them when thoughts come slowly and help them to grasp all they need to know.
Bless them with concentration, calm and determination to persevere.
Grant them the grace to put their knowledge to use in building the kingdom of God on earth,
Acknowledging the dignity and value of all and protecting those in need. Amen.


Gospel Values

Maths Challenge
A number of year 7 and 8 students have participated in the Junior UK Mathematics Trust challenge this week. We look forward to sharing the results with you in due course.
The Intermediate UKMT Challenge took place online in February with a number of certificates being awarded.
Rowan Normantas, in Year 9, was invited back to participate in the Grey Kangaroo competition and achieved a Certificate of Merit which is given to the top 25% of participants in the country. An excellent achievement. Congratulations Rowan!

Hidden Histories Composition Project.

Last term our Year 10 GCSE Music and Year 12 A Level Music classes were given a fantastic opportunity to work with a professional composer and the principal flautist from  Manchester Camerata on a composition project. Pupils studied pieces by two lesser known composers, Florence Price and Lili Boulanger, and worked with composer James B. Price on creating their own ideas. The culmination of the project will be a short film tracking the progress of the piece and a recording of our pupils` compositions by members of Manchester Camerata. The promo video will be released in the next few weeks so watch this space…


Girls’ After School Sports

Boys’ After School Sports

Year 10 English Language Presentations

Over the last week, Year 10 students have been busy presenting their Spoken Language presentations in their English lessons; these are awarded as part of their final GCSE English Language grade and help students to demonstrate a range of oracy skills, from communicating their own – often complex – ideas, to listening to others and asking relevant questions about what they hear.

A wide range of topics have been chosen by students, such as the impact of Covid on team sports, deforestation and its effects, and how bycatch affects sea life in our oceans.  Each presentation has provided food for thought, allowing both staff and students to consider topics they may not otherwise have encountered.

English staff have been very impressed with the standard of these presentations and would like to congratulate students for their efforts, both in the research and planning of these, and in the smooth and confident delivery demonstrated by all of them in what can be quite a nerve-racking experience!

Summer Raffle

The PTFA are hosting a Summer Raffle which will be drawn on 27 May 2021. Virtual tickets are £1 each and can be purchased on Parent Pay

Careers Information

Using Science for a Great Career – Thursday 6th   May – 5.00pm – 7.00pm – students 16+

Good at Science but not sure how to use it? Looking to find a direction into a satisfying career?

Meet fantastic local Employers and Training Providers and gain insight into the huge range of different roles and opportunities that studying Science can take you.

“Using Science for a Great Career” is an opportunity to speak live with employers and training providers from Cheshire and Warrington and gain information on skills, pathways and opportunities directly from those in the know, including AstraZeneca, Siemens, Sellafield, the RAF and the NHS.

This event will take place entirely online via Zoom, and is for those in Year 11-13 primarily but will also hold benefit for older persons unsure what path to take.

Find out more and register

Following registration a login link will be forward to you.  Please register with a school or college email address.

Attendance Matters

“Everyone matters, so attendance matters”