Democracy in Action

Democracy in Action

This week, students at St. Nicholas’ have been busy voting in the UK Youth Parliament Elections. With two candidates from the school standing for election, Jessica Leigh, Year 10, and Gregory Boyce, Year 12, there was a buzz around the school as voting began.

On Monday morning, ballot papers were handed out. Each form looked at a presentation, which explored the two main campaigns for the UK Youth Parliament this year; the first, stopping racism and religious discrimination and the second, improving mental health services for young people.

Forms then watched the five candidate speeches. Hearing a range of views, opinions, and ideas, which were extremely well-crafted from a collection of highly gifted young people.

Finally the votes were cast. Each voter also had the opportunity to vote on what the manifesto should be for the elected Member of Youth Parliament.

With just over 1000 votes cast, the pupils have fully engaged in the democratic process, and win or lose, our two candidates should be extremely proud of their achievements. e…