Citizenship and Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) in Years 7-11

Citizenship is delivered within Form Time and through specified days spread across the school year. Additional ‘off timetable’ sessions are also used to support the delivery of Relationship and Sex Education, and, on occasions, to enable contributions from visiting speakers. PSHEE, meanwhile, is delivered through tutor sessions.

The wide range of topics discussed include personal safety, economic wellbeing, health, drugs and substance abuse as well as understanding the legal system, the European Union, current affairs issues and election methods. Students have at least one session focusing on First Aid.

Students are also encouraged to participate in discussion to develop both listening and speaking skills as well as the ability both to defend and argument and to accept a wide variety of opinions. Team work and collaboration is encouraged and students work together on activities such as the stalls for mini market.

Extra curricula activities such as the Bar and Magistrates Mock Trial competitions also develop students’ understanding of their role in the community.